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Today, a legendary Finnish actor Matti Ranin passed away at the age of 87. He was the Finnish voice actor of (for example) Gepetto in Pinocchio, the Emperor in Mulan, the King in Cinderella, Doc in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Maurice in Beauty and the Beast. In addition, he also recorded countless of stories on cassette tapes that me and my sisters -as well as hundreds of Finnish children - listened to during long drives, train and plane rides or just for a bedtime story. 

In short, this man is very much a symbol of my childhood. 

To all the Finnish kids out there, here’s a little story told to us by an actor whose impact will not be forgotten. 

Lepää rauhassa, Matti. 

Matti Ranin is probably the most legendary voice for every Finnish child. I remember how I watched his interview in summer and I loved how passionate and loving way he spoke about theatre and about doing all those voices for stories and movies. He made me understand how difficult dubbing movies can be and yet he has written and voiced the greatest Disney movies.

This man is part of my greatest childhood story, movie and television memories. Today has been a sad day and I cried at work, just because he and his voice are so big part of my childhood. It’s an end of an era. But he will live forever in all those casette tapes and DVDs I have on my shelf. He will never be forgotten and if I get children I will make sure they know this man. A real legend.
Lepää rauhassa.


RIP Richard Griffiths

31 July 1947 - 29th March 2013


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I hate you 


Olympic Games

  • Silver, team (Salt Lake City, 2002)
  • Bronze, individual (Salt Lake City, 2002)
  • Silver, individual (Torino, 2006)
  • Silver, team (Torino, 2006)

World Championships

  • Gold, team (Val Di Fiemme, 2003)
  • Silver, individual (Val Di Fiemme, 2003)
  • Silver, team (Lahti, 2001)
  • Silver, team (Oberstdorf, 2005)
Ski Flying
  • Silver (team Planica 2004, Kulm 2006 & Oberstdorf 2008)
  • Bronze (individual Harrachov 2002 & team Planica 2010)
  • World record (231m) holder during years 2003-2005
  • His longest jump 235,5 m (Planica, 2005)

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He hopes that Vikersund will be the last championships he’ll attend on his career. He’s had so many difficulties and he is “starting to feel old and slow” as he describes in the interview. He thinks that he should have something else than ski jumping in his life right now, for example work, family and studies “like normal people”.

Anssi’s interviews make me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

Since I’m an idiot, could someone help me how to watch NRK-online-TV? D: I’m dying to watch NM and pff, I just can’t get this to work…